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Figure Drawing

These drawing were made from live models using colored chalk. The purpose of drawing this way was to layer working from light to dark colors. The initial figure outline was made using yellow to get a general shape. As the figure was further refined, darker colors were used on top of to redraw and define the features. This gives the figures the overall halo effect with the light chalk lines above and below the final dark lines. Another aspect of drawing with the colored chalk like this it to draw without worrying whether the skin tones are correct, but still taking into consideration shading while using multiple colors.

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Violet Eyes Figure Drawing
Violet Eyes

A figure drawing of a woman with violet eyes gazes out at the viewer. Rendered in colored chalk.

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The Thinker Figure Drawing The Thinker

A colorful figure drawing of a woman in thought. Rendered in colored chalk.

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Left Look Blue Figure Drawing
Left Look Blue

A man looks to his left and blue radiates from his side. Rendered in colored chalk.

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