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Butterflies, Flowers, and Hearts
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Hearts and Butterfly Children's Bedroom Mural Butterflies, flowers, and hearts alternate on broad wall stripes so as to create the impression of a large whimsical wallpaper pattern.
Butterfly Bedroom Mural Detail Flower & Heart Girl's bedroom mural detail Heart Detail for child bedroom mural
The butterflies and flowers had trainling stitches between the images. It help creates a fun feeling of a meandering path on the wall. The hearts vary in design. One has a large set with a stich outline. The other are small pink hearts with gold centers that alternate.

Quilt with matching child's bedroom mural detail

The room was designed with this quilt as an inspiration for the color scheme and for the butterfly idea. More colors, such as yellow, orange, and purple accents, were used in the mural. This will provide more style and matching options as the child grows and wants to redesign her room.

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My dear Brian, you are loved and missed by your family. I will do what I can to support Lauren & your daughter, Mackenzie, through and