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Favorite Things Mural
(Big Bear Lake, California)

Lighthouse mural with window painting This bedroom had an all-American color theme of red, white, & blue. The mother also liked lighthouses. Favorite things mural detail of tulips & Paddington Bear

There was limited space for a mural so a single painting was done on the wall. The painting shows of a window looking out onto a distant lighthouse. On the windowsill are a few of the mother's favorite things. These includes tulips & Paddington Bear.

Mural Detail of Window Frame & Curtains  Mural Detail of Lighthouse Buildings  The ceiling was painted with clouds. The clouds were stylized to match the cloud lamp.

Mural Detail of Clouds and Sky Mural Detail of Cloud Sky and Cloud Lamp

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My dear Brian, you are loved and missed by your family. I will do what I can to support Lauren & your daughter, Mackenzie, through and