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   About the Artist - Laurel Latto


Laurel Latto has always had an interest in art, as well as science.

Throughout her art career, Laurel has worked on a variety of projects from media production to commissioned art. In addition to art, she has pursued a career in science. She has recently decided to focus more on her art.

She obtained a B.S. in Biochemistry & Cell Biology with a Visual Arts Minor in Film & Video from the University of California at San Diego.

Laurel's artistic expression ranges from photography to painting. She was said to be drawing before she could walk. Laurel has been gradually learning digital art design. One of her goals is to be published as an illustrator for children's books.

DonnaBellas & DonnaBellas Angels

Laurel started as a science and art consulting company. The art images featured at DonnaBellas are available for sale at either or DonnaBellas has now expanded with the non-profit organization, DonnaBellas Angels. The mission of it will be to provide inspirational and healing art to medical clinics, patients, and caregivers.


She has also volunteered to her artistic services to non-profit organizations such as City of Hope, Share the Care, Charity's Angels, San Diego Alumnae Panhellenic, and Alpha Omicron Pi.

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Support the Art Non-Profit DonnaBellas Angels. Help provide inspirational, healing art to those coping with a chronic or terminal illness.

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DonnaBellas Angels is a Federal Tax Exempt 501(c)3 non-profit. Donations are tax deductible!





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This site contains the Laurel Latto's art portfolio. Unless indicated, all art (photography, painting, illustrations, etc.) was created by Laurel Latto. © Laurel Latto,, & 2003. Purchase art from this website at See donated art at DonnaBellas Angels is United States 501(c)3 non-profit. organization

My dear Brian, you are loved and missed by your family. I will do what I can to support Lauren & your daughter, Mackenzie, through and